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SymfoS Training Platform and virtual trainer network

The SymfoS Training Platform is the key instrument for ongoing training, quality assurance and promoting SymfoS method for a broader use.

The final content will include a generic framework of SymfoS Method, tools for basic clearing, counselling scenarios and individual pathways as well as different methods for the recognition of non-formal and informal learning (e.g. Europass, Youthpass, ECVET) to create interfaces from SymfoS learning outcomes to existing tools.

For use as a training platform, we will include various case studies and concrete guidelines on how to implement the SymfoS counselling scenarios and also additional possibilities for working with symbols. For certified SymfoS trainers we will provide different tools for networking and additional training material.

This platform will be linked to all various other platforms for Career and Educational guidance and will support the sustainable implementation of the SymfoS Method by announcing training and supervision opportunities in all partner countries.

After project lifetime, it will be used for QA and CIP issues and for all project-partners as a marketing platform to sell train the trainer courses and individual coaching for the target groups. A respective memorandum of understanding has been set up during project preparation. This platform will be a sustainable competence centre for the Symfos Methodology.

This IO is mainly aimed to provide Career Guidance officers with knowledge and exchange about the SymfoS method. VET-Managers and Education policy makers are also target group as they canfacilitate the implementation of project results into VET-Providers and National Guidance Systems. The Buddy Network is aimed at all youth involved in the training and counselling, and will be used to get authentic peer information about the SymfoS Method.