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Peer Buddy System Piloting

The Peer Buddy System was developed to support young people in making and achieving their career goals, through gaining connections and links with other young people.

The Peer Buddy System has been piloted in Ireland among a group of young people, taking part in an IT course. After engaging with other SymfoS tools (such as the Basic Clearing, Resource/Competency Pathways) the members of the group were asked to express their career goal and were grouped into pairs based on these goals. Over the following weeks, each pair met outside of course time (e.g. over a cup of coffee or for a walk) to talk about their goals and to choose “actions” they planned to take. Re-entering the group setting, each pair presented their learnings from these meet-ups, the actions they chose and why they chose them, and the problems or challenges they discussed or tried to overcome toward achieving their actions. A WhatsApp group was created in which the group can discuss their experiences and any advice or queries they might have for one another. After completing this phase of the peer buddy system, the groups were then switched and each person was paired with a new partner. It is hoped that this system of information sharing and support will help this group to build on their soft skills, develop their individual networks and ultimately achieve their career goals.