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SymfoS Staff Introduction in Ballymun Job Centre, 30.11.2018

Ballymun Job Centre have a long history is partaking in EU funded projects that have resulted in the creation of a significant number of new tools and methodologies over the past 30 years. The EU office in BJC have spent the past number of months developing an EU Project Inventory for the guidance staff. The aim of this inventory is to bring together all of the tools, methodologies and possible trainings that staff can take part in in one place. With new staff joining the team, not everyone was aware of all the tools that were available to them for use in a career guidance setting. The inventory presented the chance for the staff to be introduced to these tools and for long term staff to access refresher trainings.

SymfoS garnered a lot of interest from the staff and so the team partaking in the project ran a short introductory morning to show the staff the basics of the tools and to get them thinking about the SymfoS approach to working with clients. Basic clearing is a tool that our staff find particularly useful for action planning in career guidance and so using the basic clearing chart we had printed we guided the staff through a few basic clearing sessions. We then presented the SymfoS curriculum to the staff to gauge their interest in pursuing a full training in the methodology. With three certified SymfoS trainers already on the staff, they were well placed to answer any content or practice questions that the staff had regarding implementing SymfoS with our clients. We are looking forward to revisiting this in the new year with the staff and arrange training for those who are anxious to start using the tools.