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SymfoS – The idea behind

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“The world is a forest of symbols and they need to be interpreted” (Umberto Eco)

With the help of symbols we are able to provide people with an additional language when they cannot find the right words. In this context, symbols work similarly to an interpreter; furthermore, they transmit information one cannot or does not want to share.

As a symbol may have infinite meanings and is interconnected with multiple feelings, the key is a individual coaching and guiding process to support clients in their goal setting process.

In the field of sustainable career education and guidance symbols can create a tremendously contribution to self-awareness, self esteem, goal setting and entrepreneurship for clients.

At the moment Europe faces big challenges arising from deep economic crises and high youth unemployment rates in many countries.

Also the education system needs synergies and interaction between formal, informal and non formal learning, a reduction of early school leavers and a closer cross-sectoral partnership with world of work.

These are the starting points for the Symfos – Project, that aims to improve the situation for (disadvantaged) young people by incorporating a new way of career guiding and councelling and the creation of individual career pathways supported by Mentors and Peers:

Find out, what you really, really want and just do it!
With the help of peers and mentors.