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Train the Trainer Event

The SymfoS TTT event which took place in Ireland on February 19 th 2018 was attended by practitioners who were eager to understand the methods and tools involved in the SymfoS project and how they might benefit their young or hard-to- reach clients. The training event took place across one day, in the Ballymun Civic Centre. The group was introduced to the SymfoS methods, using a quick symbols ice-breaker and introduction exercise. The project as a whole, and the framework of the SymfoS project was then outlined. The different SymfoS tools, including the Basic Clearing, Resource/Competency Pathways and Planning Pathways were explained and demonstrated, before the group was split into smaller groups to experience the methods themselves. Trainees were able to experience the tools
from both the perspective of the practitioner and the client and could share their opinions and feedback throughout the day. Finally, the Peer Buddy System was discussed with the group and there was an informal discussion about the learnings and experiences of the day. The SymfoS training event was an enjoyable and interactive experience, after which the trainees expressed their enthusiasm for using their learnings with their clients in the near future.