Peer Buddysystem

A methodology for individual learning and exploring career pathways will be developed within SymfoS project. As peers already have a crucial role in the counselling session (see IO4), this very valuable resource for young people has to be maintained by a systematic approach to support the youngsters in the long run.

From our experience in previous projects projects, a direct approach utilising a peer network increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the career guidance process.

We will systematically use this resource and empower members of the support group to assist their colleagues and vice versa.

Being a peer buddy also helps to develop social and leadership competences.

This IO will be used in the train the trainer course as well as a tool todevelop individual learning and career pathways. It will be contextualized in National Education and Career guidance systems in order to find connectivity to existing tools and approaches already used by VET-Providers and Career guidance officers.